Cabernet Blanc Shot No 3

This is an elegant and balanced white wine made from a PIWI grape variety - Cabernet Blanc - developed by the Swiss scholar Valentin Blattner. It presents aromas of white fruits, pineapple with a mineral and delicately flowery finish.
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Producteur: Vinifera Venture
Cépage: Cabernet Blanc
Origine: VdP Valais
Millésime: 2019
Viticulture: Bio
Récolte: Manuelle
Levure indigène: Oui
Contenance: 75 cl
Décantation: Non
Température de service: 11 - 13 ° C
Teneur en alcool: 13.5% vol.

Infos sur le cépage

Grape variety: Cabernet Blanc
Indigenous | 4 HA in Switzerland (0,3%)

A multi-resistant grape variety (PIWI) created by Valentin Blattner in Soyhières (CH), Cabernet Blanc is a cross between Cabernet-Sauvignon and a disease-resistant variety, the Resistenzpartner. Cabernet Blanc produces white wines with an aromatic profile located between Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.