Pinot Blanc Pur Jus

A white maceration wine (orange wine) made from Pinot Blanc and vinified in a concrete amphora. It presents aromas of peach, candied pear, and quince paste. This wine is suitable for both aperitifs and meals.

Additional info

Producer: Château L’Évêque
Grape variety: Pinot Blanc
Origin: AOC Genève
Vintage: 2020
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Certification: Bio Suisse | Demeter
Harvest: Manual
Native yeast: Yes
Capacity: 75 cl
Decantation: Non
Serving temperature: 12 - 13 ° C
Alcohol content: 12.4% vol.

Info about the grape variety

Cépage: Pinot Blanc
International (planted after 1900) | 114 HA in Switzerland (0,78%)

A color mutation of Pinot Noir that appeared independently in several places, Pinot Blanc was first mentioned in 1868 in Burgundy (F) where it has long been confused with Chardonnay. In Switzerland, this grape variety was introduced in the 1970s. It produces powerful wines, with moderate acidity, prized by gastronomy.