Grape variety from southern Germany. Delicate, aromatic with exotic fruits. Ideal for appetizers, fish and vegetable starters.

Additional info

Producer: Domaine de Miolan
Grape variety: Scheurebe
Origin: AOC Genève
Vintage: 2019
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Harvest: Manual
Native yeast: Yes
Capacity: 75 cl
Decantation: Non
Serving temperature: 11 - 12 ° C
Alcohol content: 13.6% vol.

Info about the grape variety

Grape variety: Scheurebe
International (planted after 1900) | 7 HA in Switzerland (0,05%)

An artificial cross of Riesling with an unknown variety (which is not Sylvaner as often assumed) obtained in 1916 at the Alzey research center in Rheinhessen (D), Scheurebe was named after its breeder Georg Scheu. This late grape variety sensitive to powdery mildew is cultivated in Geneva and German-speaking Switzerland where it produces dry or sweet wines with naturally high acidity and aromas of blackberries and cassis.