Our Philosophy


Promoting Swiss Artisanal Wines

Viticulture in Switzerland is an ancient tradition dating back to ancient Roman times. In order to enhance this ancestral heritage, the excellence of Swiss wines, the quality of the terroirs and the diversity of indigenous grape varieties, Soulwines only collaborates with passionate artisan winemakers, who produce wines chiseled like works of art.


Respect the Environment and Human Health

From the beginning of great civilizations until the first half of the 20th century, agriculture was exclusively organic. It is crucial today to promote wines that respect the environment and the health of producers and consumers. Thus, Soulwines wines come from organic viticulture - containing no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic additives - which better reflects the essence of Swiss terroirs.


Offer Rare and Unique Wines

We regularly travel through Switzerland to taste and evaluate the wines in order to find nuggets. To date, we have tasted more than 1,500 Swiss wines and selected for Soulwines only the best vintages. We favor wines with indigenous grape varieties that are unique in the world as well as PIWI wines (new varieties of multi-resistant grape varieties) because, in our opinion, they embody the future of Swiss viticulture.


Guarantee Optimal Storage for our Wines

Wine is a living product that must be preserved in the best conditions so that it retains its quality and flourishes over time. Soulwines guarantees storage space under controlled temperature and humidity, ideal for storing wines.