Syrah Quintessence

Nutmeg, spices, violet, herbs from Provence, this elegant and complex Syrah finishes with very fine-grained tannins. Balance and elegance of the granite terroir. A wine that can be kept for a long time.

Additional info

Producer: Benoît Dorsaz
Grape variety: Syrah
Origin: AOC Valais
Vintage: 2018
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Harvest: Manual
Native yeast: Yes
Capacity: 75 cl
Decantation: 30 mins
Serving temperature: 14 - 16 ° C

Info about the grape variety

Grape variety: Syrah
International (planted after 1900) | 203 HA in Switzerland (1,39%)

Originating from Isère (FR) from a natural cross between Dureza d'Ardèche and Mondeuse Blanche de Savoie, Syrah takes its name from the Latin serus (meaning late), in reference to its late maturation. Registered in 1781 in the Hermitage vineyard in the Rhône valley, it was introduced in 1921 for the first time in the cellar of the State of Valais in Leytron. The Syrah gives spicy wines, with notes of blond tobacco, blackcurrant and jammy cherry.